• Keep your hands away from your nose mouth but also from your eyes

    The time we currently live is critical, yes, that is why we want to serve as support and containment when it comes to care and prevention. Do not touch your nose and mouth if you have not previously washed your hands, but do not touch your eyes either, in general avoid touching your face if you have not previously washed your hands very well with soap and water.
  • On these exceptional days take special care of your glasses

    Do not touch your face to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is one of the most heard phrases these days, but and how does a person who uses glasses do? Be it to see, contact lenses or sunglasses for protection from light. In this post we tell you a little about the care you should have and we leave you some tips on how to take care of your lenses to see and your sunglasses during these days, which are definitely exceptional.
  • Now that we wear face masks we must take better care of our skin

    The reality of the pandemic produced by COVID-19 covers us all equally, but since our decision is to take care of ourselves and prevent contagion, we are wearing masks very frequently, and sometimes for long periods of time, which will make us accentuate the care of our face will inevitably be affected.
  • Avoid neglecting your skin for quarantine

    The change in routine that we are currently experiencing has us a little disoriented, social distancing is not something we were waiting for, so we must pay special attention to all the recommendations that specialists give us, as a society and individuals we were not prepared for this, what The best we can do is receive and accept recommendations.
  • Avoid dry skin around your eyes

    The skin around your eyes is the most delicate of the entire body, so you must pay special attention to its care, as a specialist I have dedicated myself to providing solutions that improve the conditions of the skin around the eyes, in this case I It is interesting to share actions that reduce dryness in this area of ​​the face and in this post I give you some tips.
  • Recommendations for eye health in the face of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

    Given the dimensions that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), has taken, in this article we want to share a series of recommendations to keep ourselves protected. The most important are: wash your hands, avoid crowded public places and do not travel if you have a cough or fever.
  • Shining skin like Salma Hayek's is not an impossible dream

    Salma Hayek undoubtedly has one of the most brilliant and beautiful skins that we can admire, at her 53 years old she still looks young and radiant, we know that you want to look like this too, that's why we will share some of her tips and tricks.
  • Tips to remove eye makeup

    Some people only use soap and water, this because they are not aware that in this way they only hurt the skin of their face, especially the skin around the eyes. Removing eye makeup requires some special techniques, this to avoid swelling, dark bags or dark circles, sagging skin and even wrinkles.
  • Women's Day 2020, equality and women's empowerment

    According to the planning of the UN Women, 2020 is the year for the Generation of Equality, specific to the age of women, we commemorate our day and what better way to do than fighting for equity and equality in any of our stages.
  • Choose the best cream to take care of the skin around your eyes

    Caring for the contour of your eyes, the skin of your eyelids and your face in general is of utmost importance, for this you need more than a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. You need to support yourself with the use of creams that serve to cleanse, firm, brighten your skin and more. That is why we leave you some tips to choose the best products that make you see a radiant and younger face.
  • On Valentine's Day makeup for the occasion

    The month of love is an ideal season to look fabulous, either to go out with your partner, or for any other special outing of this month, with friends, family, just to celebrate love.
  • In the month of Valentine, the best gift is the love you give yourself

    Self-love has the magic of making us look beautiful, when we dedicate ourselves with love, we show a natural and incalculable beauty, give yourself love during this month taking care of your health and your physical appearance.