• And after confinement, take care of your skin from the sun

    Now that summer has started and some countries have relaxed the restrictions of the pandemic, it is likely that, after being in confinement, our skin is very sensitive. How to take care of ourselves if we are going to sunbathe? This is a post to offer you skincare tips for sun exposure.
  • On these exceptional days take special care of your glasses

    Do not touch your face to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is one of the most heard phrases these days, but and how does a person who uses glasses do? Be it to see, contact lenses or sunglasses for protection from light. In this post we tell you a little about the care you should have and we leave you some tips on how to take care of your lenses to see and your sunglasses during these days, which are definitely exceptional.
  • What is UV400 protection? All you need to know

    We always hear about UV400 protection. But ... we really know what it is about? At present it is likely that we spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, and this entails certain risks that we can avoid. Doing outdoor activities is good, but it is advisable to take certain precautions. This means that, just as we protect our skin, we must be very careful with the eyes.
  • How should we choose our sunglasses? In this article everything you need to know.

    Why some sunglasses look attractive in the store window, but not so much when you try them on? It may be because the frames or frames do not have the proper style to the shape of your face.
  • Celebrities and their sunglasses! Part 1

    Many Hollywood artists are characterized by their styles and their sunglasses. Have you ever wondered why singers like Elton John or actors like Johnny Depp wear sunglasses?