Avoid neglecting your skin for quarantine

skin care routine quarantine

The change in routine that we are currently experiencing has us a little disoriented, social distancing is not something we were waiting for, so we must pay special attention to all the recommendations that specialists give us, as a society and individuals we were not prepared for this, what The best we can do is receive and accept recommendations.

Being inside the house should not be synonymous with carelessness, the care of your skin should not be affected by the change in routine that we are all living in the world alike, on the contrary, you should pay attention to the advice that I share with you, because although Do not believe it, the closure can cause damage to your skin.

Take advantage of this time and pay special attention to yourself and your personal interests, take online courses, read a good book, watch the movie that you had pending, but please do not neglect.

Tips to take care of yourself while social distancing lasts

Avoid stress

We know that these are difficult times, because as we have said before, it is an unexpected situation, but stress and anguish cause changes in your body that translate into complications for your skin. Stay calm and try to carry out activities at home that help you maintain the emotional balance that we need so much right now, meditation can be a good tool. Practice it and in this way you will be avoiding outbreaks on the skin of your face, and especially the much rejected wrinkles, stress causes wrinkles on the skin of your face, avoid it.

Eat healthily

Consume foods with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Antioxidants, and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes on the face. Being at home isolated from social pressure these days is an excellent opportunity to feed yourself with the necessary time and in an adequate way, make a healthy menu with the foods you have at home, respect the portions and dedicate yourself to eating healthy, since sedentary lifestyle and lack of daily activity can translate into health problems.

Although there may be totally valid moments of anxiety, avoid binge eating, drink a tea or tea, meditate, seek calm and remember that all our actions bring consequences, overeating these days will take its toll on us later, remember that eating It is crucial for the care of your skin.

Hydrate yourself enough

Staying hydrated is always important, at any time, in any circumstance, being indoors can lead you to think that you do not need the same amount of water and it is false, although the body does not have the same level of activity it needs the same amount of hydration, remember that staying hydrated avoids health problems and specifically skin problems, since it causes dryness, especially at this time that we are overusing cleaning products and soap frequently to be away from possible viruses and infections.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day and if possible drink a little more. Also apply moisturizers on your face, at BrigthGlance we offer you Kit 1, 2, 3 that cleanses, tones your eyes and hydrates and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The excess of soap and water dries our skin and in these moments where access to natural light is not entirely viable, you must help your skin.

Get enough rest

The stress and change of routine that we are experiencing can cause us insomnia, make sure you get enough sleep, try to maintain a daily routine that allows you to go to bed at a reasonable time and avoid over information that then does not let us sleep. Not sleeping well wrinkles the skin of our face, so do not play with it, sleep as necessary, there will be a time to get up early.

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