Choose the best cream to take care of the skin around your eyes

best cream to your eyes

Caring for the contour of your eyes, the skin of your eyelids and your face in general is of utmost importance, for this you need more than a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. You need to support yourself with the use of creams that serve to cleanse, firm, brighten your skin and more. That is why we leave you some tips to choose the best products that make you see a radiant and younger face.

Choosing a cream for your eyes requires concentration and that you take into account some considerations, remember that the skin of your eyelids is the thinnest skin of the entire face and of course the most delicate, in it the annoying wrinkles are formed with greater Frequency for its delicacy.

Know your skin type

There are different types of skin and according to this you must choose the products that feel better, you can perform a simple test to recognize if your skin is oily, dry, normal or mixed and according to that choose the best treatment to improve its appearance or to prevent any affectation. Once you know what your skin type is, you can search and choose the treatment you need.

Use only certified products

Use only certified products, although the natural wave is very fashionable, we recommend using only recognition products, this due to the delicate skin of your face and the proximity with the eyes, taking care of the contour of your eyes is delicate, You cannot leave these organs as important as the eyes and skin to anyone. For example, at Brigh Glance our products are formulated, tested and produced in the USA. following strict laws and regulations so you can be completely sure of using them.

Apply specialized products

Moisturizers in general are good, but they are just as their name says, moisturizers, this does not mean that they are specialized in eye contour care, the skin of the eyes, as we have said before is the skin more Thin of your face and consequently the most delicate, so you need quality and specialized products. The products we offer at Bright Glance are created by Dr. Parpados specialist in ophthalmology, laser blepharoplasty and skin rejuvenation (droopy eyelids, eye bags, etc.). What guarantees the intervention of a specialist in the treatment that you want to apply.

Use products according to your age

From what age do you consider the use of skin care creams prudent? Well, in the case of the eye contour it is 100% advisable to start using moisturizers from the age of 20. Also use more than soap and water to clean the skin of impurities.

From the age of 25 you must incorporate a cream containing hyaluronic acid, remember that in a drop it contains all the amount of water necessary to keep the skin hydrated for a day and this reduces the appearance of annoying wrinkles.

From the age of 30 you must take care of your skin with great care, incorporate antioxidants in your diet, vitamin E and specialized eye contour creams, this will return the shine to your eyes and above all it will help you prevent the eyelid drooping or diseases associated with the skin.

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