Avoid dry skin around your eyes

avoid dry skin around eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate of the entire body, so you must pay special attention to its care, as a specialist I have dedicated myself to providing solutions that improve the conditions of the skin around the eyes, in this case I It is interesting to share actions that reduce dryness in this area of ​​the face and in this post I give you some tips.

When the skin around your eyes becomes too dry it is noticeable to the naked eye, because wrinkles multiply and spots also, in addition the lack of hydration weakens the skin and can bring more relevant consequences, remember that at Bright Glance we always seek to prevent.

What weakens the skin around the eyes?

The first thing we must know is what actions weaken the skin to make resolutions and make changes in our routine that allow us to regain hydration and softness in this area.

  • Apply strong makeup, with a high toxic level and do not remove it with a face cleansing product at night, this damages your skin and ages it, quickly dries it out and loses any hydration you have applied.
  • The use of skin care products must have special attention, always use products recognized and recommended by specialists, if you use natural products for the care of your skin check references with specialists, do not apply all the advice they give you without actually verified by people who really know about this topic.
  • Sun damage is one of the main causes of dryness, the rays of the skin dry out, make it harder and prevent the glands that produce natural hydration from multiplying.
  • There are natural factors such as that your body does not produce enough sebaceous glands and therefore your skin looks dry.

How to restore softness to the contour of your eyes

The first thing is to use skin care products that are soft and low in chemicals, use facial cleansing and moisturizing products, always seek hydration.

Every day, the skin needs to regenerate cells naturally, but it can also do it with the help of specialized products, such as ophthalmology specialist, laser blepharoplasty and skin rejuvenation. I have created the Ultra Bright Under Eye cream, with its application you will achieve an effect. decongestant to prevent the formation of edema, avoiding the loss of elasticity and the formation of eye bags. It also helps stop or reduce the formation of bags and dark circles under the eyes. Its ingredients are endorsed by scientists and are all purchased in the US market.

With the application of this product you recover the shine in your eyes, but you must also incorporate activities into your routine: removing makeup is essential, reducing sun exposure, wearing sunglasses, applying mild cleansers and not extra chemicals or concentrates, using creams that accompany you and contain vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and that are specialized in moisturizing and caring for the skin of the eyes. Always remember to use recognized and recommended products.

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