Now that we wear face masks we must take better care of our skin

COVID-19 mask skin care

The reality of the pandemic produced by COVID-19 covers us all equally, but since our decision is to take care of ourselves and prevent contagion, we are wearing masks very frequently, and sometimes for long periods of time, which will make us accentuate the care of our face will inevitably be affected.

Health professionals in particular are wearing face masks for up to 24 continuous hours without knowing that this fabric, being so abrasive, damages the soft tissues of our skin. What can we do? o What can we suggest to take care of your face? Well here are some tips.

Wearing face masks reduces makeup

If you already had to leave your house and had a face mask on, you could have realized how uncomfortable they are, especially at the level of your lips, so we recommend reducing makeup to a minimum, at least in the area of ​​your lips. Also if your mask is reusable it will last longer if you do not stain it with lipstick. At this moment the important thing is to stay clean and healthy.

The use of creamy lipsticks can even burn your lips due to the heat produced inside the face mask, so we guide you again so that, if you want to put makeup on, make it soft and light only in the area of ​​your eyes.

In any circumstance use sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is not negotiable, with or without masks always and under any circumstances use a special sunscreen for faces, remember that the skin on your face is more delicate and requires special care different from that of the rest of the skin. your body.

Apply a thin layer of sunscreen before using the mask, wait for it to dry and check the time of use, exposing yourself to the fabric other than the mask for a long time can cause burns, so you should not trust the sunscreen.

Clean your face with Micellar Water

We know that medical specialists have recommended the use of soap and water to wash your hands and face repeatedly during the day, so you will stay away from the probability of contracting the virus, however we suggest you also apply Gentle Touch Micellar Water as well Deeply cleaning your face keeps it soft and smooth. Remember that soap and water, although it washes your face, does not cleanse it of impurities from makeup or contamination from the street.

Use moisturizer

As well as sunscreen, the use of moisturizer has no conditions, it is always necessary, apply a cream in the morning and another at night, remember the fabric of the mask can be abrasive, hurt your skin or even make it pass by prolonged time your skin exposed to heat and humidity, so you should clean your face well and apply a moisturizer before and after using the mask.

Taking care of your health at this moment is a priority, but it is not a time to neglect us, making this mistake can bring us difficult consequences to reverse, keep taking care of your body and your skin, in this way you are also contributing to your health.

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