Tips to remove eye makeup

Tips to remove eye makeup

Some people only use soap and water, this because they are not aware that in this way they only hurt the skin of their face, especially the skin around the eyes. Removing eye makeup requires some special techniques, this to avoid swelling, dark bags or dark circles, sagging skin and even wrinkles.

In this post we will share those techniques you need to clean your face well and prevent imperfections in the skin or possible damage that you can cause around your eyes.

Choose a good facial cleanser

To choose the correct facial cleanser you must consider some aspects, have no aroma and should be gentle, in addition you must apply it gently on your skin with delicate touches, so that you do not throw or pull the skin, since this only produces facial stretching and reduces the amount of collagen.

In addition to using a face cleanser you must accompany it with a make-up remover, this because the eye makeup and especially the eyelashes is usually stronger and requires a specialized product. Also check its components and make sure you are not allergic to them.

How to use eye makeup remover

Once you have chosen the best product at your fingertips, read the instructions and its components well, always use soft cotton to remove makeup, never towels or cloths with alcohol, once you have cleaned your face with the facial cleanser use the makeup remover, apply a prudent amount on the cotton and gives small touches on your eyelids, do not pull the skin of your eyes, avoid pulling it as this causes wrinkles.

Never sleep without removing makeup

Always remove your makeup at the end of the day. In general, cosmetics are made with abrasive ingredients, although they are suitable for people's skin, they contain chemicals and leave solid traces on your skin. When we sleep with makeup we expose our skin to all these components and also allow them to get in our pores, which causes irreparable damage.

We recommend that you remove your makeup before sleeping, whether you arrive at the party or very tired of the daily routine, especially the eye makeup, this is usually stronger, to ensure its durability, so you must make sure to eliminate all traces that They can stay overnight. Remember that if you leave the makeup on your face you will be giving way to these chemicals damage your skin very quickly.

What to do if the makeup is very strong

As we have already said, the eye makeup is usually very strong, this in all cases to make it more durable, we recommend adding to the makeup remover some natural oil that helps you remove the excess, for example coconut oil or almonds, in addition Both oils prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Finally use a moisturizer

Keeping your skin hydrated prevents the appearance of dark bags under the eyes, also prevents the dreaded crow's feet and much more, helps maintain elasticity and prevents sagging, always apply a moisturizer at the end of the removal of your makeup. Preventing will help you maintain healthy skin and look younger for longer.

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