• Dra. Parpados includes new Sesderma products in her self-care line

    Dra. Parpados is a specialist in the care of facial skin, specifically the skin around the eyes, for years her medical approach has been directly related to the facial appearance of people who, at a certain age, require greater care. Its prestige and track record have been based on the trust it provides through the success of its treatments, both invasive and those that deal with the use of creams and self-care products.
  • Dra. Párpados helps you to remove warts in the eyes

    We know that your quality of life is important and that it goes through the need and the desire to look good, from a certain age our appearance begins to be a concern, not only for looking young and attractive but also for looking healthy. Those warts that usually appear on the skin around the eyelids worry us, we understand that you do not want to see them on your face and for them we will guide you.
  • Father's Day 2020: Original gifts for Dad on his Day

    Dedicated to parents who want to look good despite the passage of time we have created a list of original, authentic and self-care gifts, a list that represents the spirit of Bright Glance, the one that focuses on skin care, especially in the care of the face and the contour of the eyes.
  • Men also want to look good

    Gone is the misconception that men do not care or care little about their appearance, they also want to look good and have understood that not only for an aesthetic issue but also for health, it is better to carry healthy routines and pay attention to themselves.
  • Have you noticed yellowish bumps around your eyes? They can be Xanthelasma

    Caring for the skin around the eyes is not only an aesthetic but also a health issue, Palpebral Xanthelasma usually appear as a yellowish lump on your eyelids, you may think that it is a stain and it turns out that it ends up being a health problem that, Fortunately Dra. Párpados can help you solve.
  • The passage of time and its effects on your face

    There are many determining factors during the passage of time for your face to undergo changes that are often dramatic, at Bright Glance we want to provide tools so that, despite the years, your face looks soft, shiny and less affected. Remember that we are specialists in the care of facial skin and in particular the skin around your eyes.
  • Laser Blepharoplasty, evaluate online with Dra. Párpados if you need it

    Dra. Párpados specialist in ophthalmology, laser blepharoplasty and skin rejuvenation (drooping eyelids, eye bags, etc.) makes available to men and women concerned about their skin care, the prior evaluation via online to performing blepharoplasty, this in response to pandemic quarantine due to Covid-19.
  • How do we rejuvenate the look at home?

    It is easier than we think, being at home, in moments of confinement or social distancing, it is also possible to work on the brightness of your gaze, we spoke with Marielsy Pimentel, director of ISKA Esthetique Cambrils, on instagram: @iskacambrils
  • First Mother's Day in confinement? Let this not be a reason not to celebrate

    Mother's Day is every day, it certainly should be like this, mom must be celebrated daily, however this special date is usually used to reunite the family, go out to eat, spend a different day and entertain the mother from home, however this year is different and we all know the reasons well, health and self-care come first, and surely no mother wants her family to get sick from eating out. So, having said that, let's celebrate with that special person, the mother of the house, in unconventional ways.
  • Keep your hands away from your nose mouth but also from your eyes

    The time we currently live is critical, yes, that is why we want to serve as support and containment when it comes to care and prevention. Do not touch your nose and mouth if you have not previously washed your hands, but do not touch your eyes either, in general avoid touching your face if you have not previously washed your hands very well with soap and water.
  • On these exceptional days take special care of your glasses

    Do not touch your face to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is one of the most heard phrases these days, but and how does a person who uses glasses do? Be it to see, contact lenses or sunglasses for protection from light. In this post we tell you a little about the care you should have and we leave you some tips on how to take care of your lenses to see and your sunglasses during these days, which are definitely exceptional.
  • Now that we wear face masks we must take better care of our skin

    The reality of the pandemic produced by COVID-19 covers us all equally, but since our decision is to take care of ourselves and prevent contagion, we are wearing masks very frequently, and sometimes for long periods of time, which will make us accentuate the care of our face will inevitably be affected.