On these exceptional days take special care of your glasses

special care of your glasses

Do not touch your face to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is one of the most heard phrases these days, but and how does a person who uses glasses do? Be it to see, contact lenses or sunglasses for protection from light. In this post we tell you a little about the care you should have and we leave you some tips on how to take care of your lenses to see and your sunglasses during these days, which are definitely exceptional.

Like washing your hands several times a day and for more than 20 seconds, you should do it with your glasses, but we know that exposure to inappropriate liquids can damage the frame and even the formula of your glasses if are to be able to see. So what can you do? Use special cleaning fluids for glasses, but be careful and clean deeply inside and out, it also includes the nasal protectors and the sides, as well as the legs that go behind the ears.

Dry them in a special way and pay attention that they are in a dry and protected place. Do not perform deep cleaning repeatedly, as you could wear down the glass or damage the material they are made of. With 2 times a day, it will be enough.

When putting on and taking off glasses, it is almost impossible to do it without touching your face, so you must make sure that your hands are clean and have washed them sufficiently before removing or putting your glasses on your face.

Contact lenses and their care

Contrary to what is thought, ophthalmology specialists indicate that contact lenses can continue to be used, the most important thing is that when they are manipulated to remove and clean, it is done with very well washed hands, in a space that is free of viruses and contagion possibilities.

If they have protected the quarantine at home there should be no greater problem with making this movement in the bathroom of the house. The important thing, and we highlight it is to carry out the procedure with clean hands, in this way it will not be necessary to use surgical gloves or any other insulator.

Never use antibacterial gel to clean your contact lenses, this is not necessary, only use the products and liquids that you usually use frequently and that are proven to not damage your lenses with their use.

Sunglasses Are they necessary?

In the conditions in which we are currently, sunglasses are not entirely necessary, remember that their use is to protect yourself from the sun's rays and from the damage they can cause to the skin of our face. If we are in voluntary or compulsory isolation and we are inside our houses for the prevention of contracting the Coronavirus, then we should not need sunglasses.

However, some areas of the planet and some houses have large sun gates, or your workplace is located near the window that has the most exposure and you must use them, so in that case, make sure that your glasses are completely clean and free. of elements that can harm your health. Clean them once you have your hands washed and only use certified and recommended products.

What to do if I don't have specialized liquid?

You can use a mild soapy solution diluted in lukewarm water, apply it and then remove it with water alone, also at lukewarm temperature; however, you should use a private towel to dry your glasses and check that they are actually completely dry.

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