Keep your hands away from your nose mouth but also from your eyes

eye protection covid-19

The time we currently live is critical, yes, that is why we want to serve as support and containment when it comes to care and prevention. Do not touch your nose and mouth if you have not previously washed your hands, but do not touch your eyes either, in general avoid touching your face if you have not previously washed your hands very well with soap and water.

We have been told in all possible ways that COVID-19 is transmitted through micro-drops that expire infected people and reach those who are not, and when contact with the nose and mouth the contagion happens practically Immediate, the key prevention is to wash your hands, however from Bright Glance as experts in eye health we also recommend avoiding contact with them.

This is because the mucous membranes (membranes that cover various cavities of the body) are the most susceptible to the transmission of the virus and the eyes are not exempt from being a mucous membrane.

Cleaning your face is synonymous with health

Taking care of the cleanliness of your face is essential at all times, not only for aesthetics but for health, keeping your face clean also keeps you away from other types of diseases and especially keeping your eyes clean keeps you away from conditions such as conjunctivitis, for example. Whether COVID-19 exists or not, cleaning your face should be a priority.

For them we recommend from Bright Glance the use of Gentle Touch Micellar Water, always considering that washing your hands with soap and water is a priority. Micellar Water performs a deep cleaning that you do not do with any other product. Micellar cleansing water removes dirt, makeup and excess oil, all in a few taps. Specially designed for the eye contour, taking into account the pH level of the tears. It can also be used to remove makeup from the entire face.

The health care team makes us reflect

The clothing of the medical teams includes protective lenses, this makes us reflect, they are in constant contact with possible infected and in a perennial way they take care of their eyes.

We must be attentive and take care of our eyes too, just as we do being inside the house, avoiding going out, and washing our hands as many times as necessary to be in a healthy environment and thus take care of ourselves and our family.

We are not saying to buy protective glasses like those used by doctors in hospitals, but rather that you take special care when touching your eyes and if it is necessary for you to go out, avoid completely touching them without first having washed your hands with water and soap or clean them with alcohol gel. Sunglasses do not guarantee absolute protection but it definitely helps. However remember not to touch any surface and then your face unless you are sure they are not contaminated.

The proper use of masks

The mask is being demanded every day in more countries, but it must be used correctly so that it certainly protects us, use it and remove it properly, that is, by the handles and not from the front, as well as disposing of it immediately and at the end wash your hands with soap and water.

Remember, if you feel bad, that is, if you have a temperature higher than 38º, a dry cough and a sore throat, you should call the emergency number of the country where you are immediately.

At Brigh Glance we are health specialists and we care about your health and that of yours.