In the month of Valentine, the best gift is the love you give yourself

love yourself

Self-love has the magic of making us look beautiful, when we dedicate ourselves with love, we show a natural and incalculable beauty, give yourself love during this month taking care of your health and your physical appearance.

Skin care requires several activities and that you do them constantly, since with the mixture of different actions you will be able to show yourself as you wish. Taking care of oneself requires a lot of love and when we feel happy with ourselves we are able to love our family and our partner. Love yourself and love others too.

In Bright Glance we care about your beauty and especially that of your skin, that's why we leave you these tips that will keep you radiant on Valentine's Day

Take care of your skin according to its type

And you know what kind of skin you have? If you have not already done so, perform a test so that you know the type of skin you have, go to a specialist or perform a specialized test on the web that will help you know your skin type. Once defined you can perform activities and take actions that allow you to take care of it.

There are 4 types, normal, dry, fat and mixed and according to the definition you must include habits and care that help you see radiant and with the skin of your face silky and healthy.

However and even defined skin types there are care and tips that are necessary for any of them, in the month of love I want to share these tips with you:

Hydration needed for healthy skin

Keeping your body hydrated will allow your organs to function in the best way, the skin is the largest organ of the human being and requires special care, 8 glasses of water a day and not less are those necessary to keep your body hydrated, but not just drinking water you keep a beautiful and smooth skin, you need more actions.

Including antioxidant foods in your diet will keep your skin more hydrated, drinking green tea for example will help you reduce the aging process of your skin and will appear smoother and with less wrinkles, you should also incorporate fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, such like orange, lemon, tomatoes or peppers.

But this is not all, to keep your skin hydrated you need vitamin E, incorporated into the Bright Glance products that we have created for you and the skin care of your face.

Cleansing your face, fundamental routine

Keeping your face clean is necessary to look beautiful during the month of Valentine's Day and acquiring it as a routine will allow you to stay beautiful over time. The cleaning should be done with the appropriate frequency and force, not to overdo it, since this can dry your skin and according to its type use the right product, it will not always be good to simply use soap and water but you will have to incorporate some more items.

Pay attention to the most sensitive areas

Recognize the most sensitive area of ​​your face and apply the necessary advice, one of the areas that most require care is the contour of your eyes and eyelids, it is also where wrinkles are most concentrated so you will need more delicate care and special.

In Bright Glance we create a line of products that help in the prevention of wrinkles, clean the face of impurities and also recover the elasticity of the contour of your eyes. For this we have the Moisture Gloss Kit, Bright Glance 1, 2, 3! created by Dr. Párpados.

With the use of Kit 1, 2, 3 your face will feel and look refreshed, fresh and firm. Now you can clean, remove impurities and tone while reducing swelling, dark circles and signs of aging in 3 simple steps! In the month of Valentine's Day consent to these 3 products.

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