Shining skin like Salma Hayek's is not an impossible dream

salma hayek skin care

Salma Hayek undoubtedly has one of the most brilliant and beautiful skins that we can admire, at her 53 years old she still looks young and radiant, we know that you want to look like this too, that's why we will share some of her tips and tricks.

The renowned actress and producer has based her beauty routine on parameters out of the ordinary, has decided to follow her grandmother's advice and although they may seem strange to her, they have worked for her. We invite you to try some of them so that you get the same result.

The first tip is not to wash your face in the morning

And if, although it seems strange, Salma Hayek does not wash her face with soap and water in the morning, as stated in the New York Times, the actress deeply cleans her face at night and considers that when she gets up she should not be dirty, because of the Otherwise you will have recovered everything lost during the day. Advised by her grandmother, spray rose water on her skin at dawn to invigorate and add antioxidants.

Remember that antioxidants help in the elimination of wrinkles and in this way the skin is kept more hydrated and shiny. Salma's secret should definitely be successful. Rose water is a milder alternative to soap and water or a morning cleanser.

Undoubtedly use a moisturizer

Hayek includes a moisturizer in his daily routine, as he has revealed on several occasions to the media, using a moisturizer in the morning and at night keeps your skin radiant, without a doubt it is a routine that you should include in your life, If you want to reduce wrinkles, annoying crow's feet and the signs of the passage of time on your skin.

Especially on the skin of your face and around the eyes, remember that this is the most delicate skin on your face and requires more care and hydration. Use the cream of your choice, but always use a moisturizer.

The best time to clean the face is at night

Salma recommends deep cleansing of the face at night, it is the best time, because during the day the skin loses moisture, it is damaged by makeup chemicals and dust, the wind and the sun do really deep damage, the best time to clean the face it will be then, according to Hayek, at night, but he does not recommend using abrasive products, but natural products, oatmeal masks and mild cleansers.

Natural makeup cleansers

We know that removing makeup from your skin is necessary to keep it healthy and shiny, cleaning it at night before sleeping is a golden rule, but cleaning it with natural oils gives it a plus. Salma Hayek shares among her beauty secrets that she uses natural coconut oil to remove makeup. Always follow your grandmother's advice and in her nightly cleaning routine, which she considers very important, includes this oil that adds softness and hydration to your skin.

Exfoliation, little and non-abrasive

In her social networks Salma Hayek places a lot of emphasis on not mistreating the face with strong or abrasive products and exfoliation is a delicate moment, although it is necessary to deep clean the pores of your skin, it is recommended to do it with natural products and if it is not so soft products are used.

Do not do it very frequently but once or twice a week, since to remove impurities only more than this amount is required.

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