On Valentine's Day makeup for the occasion

valentines makeup

The month of love is an ideal season to look fabulous, either to go out with your partner, or for any other special outing of this month, with friends, family, just to celebrate love.

Look exceptional and makeup to look just the way you feel, young, glamorous and happy. We leave you some ideas of the combinations that you can perform without damaging your skin and without causing major problems to the daily care of your face.

Tips before makeup

Before putting on your skin, perform this routine that will protect you from impurities, clean the skin well with micellar water, you can use the one that I have created especially for you Gentle Touch, designed for the eye contour, taking into account the pH level of the tears.

Apply a moisturizer and let dry, preferably a cream that contains vitamin E and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, remember that we have also created the Ultra Bright Under Eye cream and is perfect for pre-makeup care because it reduces dark circles and wrinkles Around your eyes

After these two steps you can start applying makeup and thus protect your face.

Coral, Pink and Gold to look romantic

Once you have applied our skin care products you can locate these colors, to look romantic on Valentine's Day, apply a soft base next to golden tones, you can use pink on your eyelids and coral on your lips, mix intense colors. Wear brown mask for your eyelashes and you will wear a perfect makeup set on the occasion.

Subtle makeup, pink and bright lipstick

If you are one of those who never wear makeup you can keep your style applied blush and bronzer to highlight the cheekbones. Also use a brown shadow on the top of the eye and on the bottom line of the eyelashes to give depth. Close with a gold clasp with a creamy pink lipstick.

Red lips to fan the passion

If what you are looking for is a night full of emotions, recover the passion and turn on the Valentine makeup your lips with strong red, you can use matte or bright, the important thing is that the contrast is with black in the eyes, using mascara and mask in tabs.

Play with the trends

There are many women who use the well-known line cat, apply it without fear, you will look fantastic, use a liquid eyeliner and draw a firm line over the contour of your eyes, the trick is to take it out of the eyelid and do it a little thicker and pointed. Dare and look fantastic on Valentine's Day with your loved one.

This outlined will highlight your eyes a lot, use a matte lipstick in earth colors and you will make the difference with the contrast.

Evening makeup

If your appointment is in the afternoon use soft tones, apply a clear base on your face, pink lipstick and light pink shade, you will look phenomenal making harmony with the fall of the sun, apply a golden tone in your eyes, light to highlight your look and it will be enough.

And at the end of the evening, deep cleaning

You neglect your face, never sleep with your makeup on, apply our Gentle Touch micellar water to remove makeup and reapply moisturizer. You can also use natural masks, but do not leave your makeup on your face as it fills it with impurities and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

Take care of the most sensitive areas, such as the contour of your eyes, apply Ultra Bright Under Eye again and rest, rest will also keep you beautiful and radiant.

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