Women's Day 2020, equality and women's empowerment

women's day 2020

According to the planning of the UN Women, 2020 is the year for the Generation of Equality, specific to the age of women, we commemorate our day and what better way to do than fighting for equity and equality in any of our stages.

On the UN Women website, “The theme of International Women's Day (March 8) 2020 is, I am from the Generation Equality: For the rights of women. The theme is in line with the new multigenerational UN Women campaign, Generación Igualdad, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which was approved in 1995 at the Fourth World Conference on Women, which took place in Beijing , China, and is recognized as the most progressive roadmap for the empowerment of women and girls worldwide."

In Bright Glance we want to join the motivation of working together in terms of equality and at the same time empower ourselves in terms of health and care of ourselves, starting from emotional care but without neglecting to take care of our physique, fight for equality It should not mean neglecting our health and that is why we want to motivate them to self-care at any age.

Socially there is a false belief that women who fight for gender equality are neglected, obtained those and nothing is further from reality than this, so we want to join all the causes of equality and empowerment from our specialization that is care of the skin.

Feeling good is looking good

We talk about emotional care in the first instance, since to see well, it is necessary that we feel good about ourselves, that we are happy with who we are and happy to be who we are. In this way we project a positive image, however, the skin like any other organ of our body requires particular care.

The main thing is to start with good hydration and not only talk about drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but also of applying a cream that helps maintain the best hydration of the skin, protecting it from the sun is also important, so you can use sunscreen solar daily

Eating foods that contain Vitamin E and Antioxidants is also necessary for skin care. You can read more about Antioxidants at this link.

Take care of you since childhood

Another false social belief is that you must enter adulthood to take care of you, especially your skin and it is false, since since we are girls we must be aware of the care of ourselves, in this way we will be working on empowerment over decisions we make from the first years of our life.

Not exposing the skin to the sun without care and protection is something that we must do from the first years of our life, eating healthy, exercising, doing outdoor activities and using sunscreen are activities that help us take care of our skin and strengthen us as women.

By enjoying good health we will be taking a step forward to be able to demand equality in the different scenarios that arise in life, over time the care must be more intense and for this we have created our Kit 1 product line, 2, 3. To accompany you in skin care during your adulthood.

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