Wrinkles above the lips? Here are the tips so that they do not appear to you

wrinkles above the lips

With age, wrinkles inevitably come on the face, especially in places where we do not want them to appear, such as around the eyes, on the forehead and especially on or around our lips. Who wants to see the contour of their lips grow old?, no one. Certainly the passage of time cannot be avoided, but we can reduce the appearance of these annoying wrinkles. In this post we tell you more.

Let's talk especially about wrinkles on the lips, what are they? Why do they occur? Until what age can I avoid them? And above all, what can I do to prevent them or prolong their appearance? These are part of the questions that we can answer and as we always think of you and your beauty, we will tell you.

Like the skin around and around the eyelids, the skin on the lips is extremely sensitive and delicate. Let's start with that you should always use moisturizing lipsticks, avoid using dry lipsticks, many times women prefer long-lasting lipsticks but these are usually stronger and dry the skin of your lips. Treat them with care.

What are wrinkles on the lips?

They are located above the upper lip, appear with age, are known as "barcode" wrinkles or perioral wrinkles. They are vertical folds that appear at the top of the mouth, ribbed lines that go from top to bottom, can be seen from the nose to the lip.

What are the causes of wrinkles above the lips?

In addition to the passage of time, aging, these wrinkles are produced by different gestures that people make, such as whistling, blowing, wrinkling the mouth and also by habits such as smoking. They can also be the result of certain dental problems or loss of tone at the corner of the lip.

How can you avoid them?

Well, it is simple and there are several alternatives, the first thing is to avoid those actions, gestures or habits that produce or accentuate them such as smoking, whistling, blowing, which we already mentioned. Then, keeping the skin completely hydrated, verify that just in that place you are applying the necessary moisturizers. Avoid pressing your lips and making any gesture with your mouth that marks these lines of expression.

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