Men also want to look good

Men also want to look good

Gone is the misconception that men do not care or care little about their appearance, they also want to look good and have understood that not only for an aesthetic issue but also for health, it is better to carry healthy routines and pay attention to themselves.

The skin of men's faces is also delicate and is constantly exposed to the use of the razor, so the care must be as or more followed than that applied by women, for this reason the products designed in Bright Glance by Dra. Parpados they are designed for the use of both men and women, the important thing is that they want to take care of themselves and to reduce the signs of the passage of time.

A man's face reflects and says a lot, they do not wear makeup and they have that disadvantage because they cannot hide dark circles, bags or some trace of tiredness with makeup, they also suffer from the famous crow's feet that form around the eyes and the strongest, according to Dra. Parpados is the frequent appearance of dark circles.

At Bright Glance we care about the health of your skin, because you always look fresh, rejuvenated and radiant, whether it is for the busy routine, a business meeting or a special outing, and yes, also in times of pandemic people want to look good Upon leaving.

Skincare routine for men

How often do you wash your face? Do you do it daily? Just with soap and water? Well, you should wash your face in the morning and at night, and not only with soap and water, remember that you expose the skin of your face frequently to the razor and this opens the pores of your skin, so it is necessary that the keep clean enough that no impurities enter these pores.

You should use more than just soap and water, our Gentle Touch micellar water could help you, the active ingredients of Bright Glance micellar water help to keep the contours of the eyes and face healthy, as it will keep the skin hydrated, free of dirt and even protected from UV rays.

Use moisturizer

Yes, men also need to apply moisturizing cream to the skin of their face, to reduce the appearance of dark circles, those annoying dark bags around their eyes that make them look tired without need. Over the years it is inevitable to see the traces of the passage of time, however there are ways to reduce the depth of these signs.

One is using moisturizing cream, our Ultra Bright Under Eye is specially designed to recover shine in the eyes. Helps stop or reduce the formation of dark circles and eye bags. It causes a decongestant effect to prevent the formation of edema, avoiding the loss of elasticity and the formation of eye bags. Maximum concentration for faster results.

How to use it? Clean your face and apply the cream with your fingertips under the eyes. Do this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. For best results, continue treatment for 3 months.

Visit the dermatologist frequently

We all know that a medical visit once a year is necessary, but when we reach a certain age we should not only see the general doctor, but start paying special attention to different areas. If you see any sign that is obviously produced by the sun, by any change in your body, including age, you should go to the dermatologist, it is he, the specialist who will guide you professionally. In the case of Dra. Párpados you can advance and schedule an appointment online here.

Remember the care of your health, includes the care of the skin of your face, being a man does not mean that you should neglect yourself.