Dra. Parpados includes new Sesderma products in her self-care line

sesderma products

Dra. Parpados is a specialist in the care of facial skin, specifically the skin around the eyes, for years her medical approach has been directly related to the facial appearance of people who, at a certain age, require greater care. Its prestige and track record have been based on the trust it provides through the success of its treatments, both invasive and those that deal with the use of creams and self-care products.

Taking this into account, Dr. Párpados does not recommend any type of products but those that really give people improvement in their skin problems and make them feel younger, radiant and fabulous, which is why she has decided to include 6 products from the Sesderma brand on your already traditional list.

These new products will accompany the well-known Gentle Touch Micellar Water, Smart Bright anti-wrinkle cream and the powerful Ultra Bright Under Eye dark circles reducer in the web store. They are 6 and are part of the Sesderma brand.

Get to know the 6 new products available to you:

  1. Sesderma RESVERADERM ANTIOX Facial Cream 1.7 fl. Oz: It's what you need if you want to stop looking tired! It achieves three effects: it hydrates, protects and corrects wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types. Its main ingredients are: resveratrol liposomes, epigallocatechin gallate, idebenone and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Sesderma HIDRADERM HYAL Facial Cream 1.7 fl. Onz: Moisturizing cream that provides long-lasting hydration while improving the appearance of fine lines that soften the skin. Helps skin feel smooth and silky. Its ingredients are: 3 types of hyaluronic acid for multilayer hydration, ceramide concentrate, fatty acids and phytosphingosine.
  3. Sesderma HIDRAVEN Foaming soap-free cleanser 10.15 fl. Oz: HIDRAVEN Foaming Soap-Free Cleanser has excellent tolerance, due to its content in natural plant extracts (chamomile, oats, mimosa and aloe), it has moisturizing, soothing, regenerating and protective properties for the skin.
  4. Sesderma C-VIT Moisturizing Facial Cream 1.7 fl. Ounce: Designed to deeply hydrate your skin with a highly concentrated vitamin C formula. Natural orange extract provides energy while enhancing skin's natural glow. Softens and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. It also helps equalize skin tone. Provides a gentle exfoliation that aids cell turnover.
  5. Sesderma Promo Pack FILLDERMA ONE Facial Cream 1.7 fl. oz + DAESES Serum 1.0 fl. oz: The combination of the FILLDERMA ONE facial cream, a powerful moisturizer formulated with natural ingredients and hyaluronic acid plus DAESES serum formulated with DMAE, creates a flash effect, revitalizes and retextures stressed skin, leaving a healthy and shiny complexion.
  6. Sesderma C-VIT BRIGHT Promotional Package: The perfect combination of three essential elements to combat dull skin:
    1. C-VIT Facial Serum: brightens and revitalizes your skin, thanks to the antioxidant power of vitamin C. It increases the synthesis of collagen and helps to improve the fineness, softness and elasticity of the skin.
    2. C-VIT Moisturizing Cream: Moisturizing cream with maximum antioxidant, hydrating and illuminating action, which restores your skin's vitality and natural light thanks to vitamin C.
    3. New C-VIT Mist: adds a touch of freshness to your skin and restores vitality and light, thanks to its active ingredients that improve the illuminating antioxidant effect.

You can get all of them now in our Online store, visit and choose which one you are going to wear this time.