Have you noticed yellowish bumps around your eyes? They can be Xanthelasma


Caring for the skin around the eyes is not only an aesthetic but also a health issue, Palpebral Xanthelasma usually appear as a yellowish lump on your eyelids, you may think that it is a stain and it turns out that it ends up being a health problem that, Fortunately Dra. Párpados can help you solve.

Xanthelasmas are benign lesions that affect only the superficial and middle layer of the skin, so they do not usually affect vision. Specifically, benign plaque lesions located on the eyelids, often related to increased blood cholesterol levels.

It is important to detect them in time not only for wanting to look good but also for taking care of our health. Some of the causes can be, genetic predisposition: there are people more prone to suffer this type of injury. Bad nutrition. And sedentary lifestyle. Here is the importance of eating healthy, exercising and paying attention to our body and its signals.

According to this web portal another situation that increases the chances of developing a Xanthelasma is pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. However, it is not strange that they appear in people who do not have any of the above disorders, and it is simply a fat accumulation.

Detect Xanthelasma in time

With a simple exam it is easy to detect and the best thing is that Dr. Párpados can do it through his online consultation, remember that at these times when in some countries daily normality has not recovered, we offer this alternative, however always we are connected with our patients online. You only have to visit this link and you will receive the specialized medical attention on eyelids that you need.

So, as soon as you observe these signs on your face, you can access an online consultation and thus rule out the appearance of Palpebral Xanthelasma. This consultation will not only serve you for the diagnosis but will also give you guidance to start a treatment that eliminates it.

How to remove Xanthelasma?

Surgery is one of the most used methods and is usually practiced when Xanthelasmas appear on the upper eyelid, since being an area with more skin it is easier to hide scars. It is a brief and ambulatory intervention.

In the case of Dra. Párpados, she chooses to treat it with the co2 laser, thus achieving its ablation and removal, without the need to cut. We also recommend the use of Smart Bright, a cream specially created by Dra. Párpados moisturizer, especially created for skin care, which firms the skin and has anti-wrinkle properties.

It is rich in peptides, vegan proteins, natural extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and vegan moisturizers. Contains ingredients that nourish the skin such as vitamin E, the well-known vitamin anti-aging, since it helps improve the immune system and prevents cell degeneration.

And you can buy it on the web, click here.

Dra. Párpados is a specialist in facial and eyelid rejuvenation and makes all her knowledge available to her patients to see you and feel better.