Father's Day 2020: Original gifts for Dad on his Day

father's day 2020

Dedicated to parents who want to look good despite the passage of time we have created a list of original, authentic and self-care gifts, a list that represents the spirit of Bright Glance, the one that focuses on skin care, especially in the care of the face and the contour of the eyes.

Both men and women deserve the best products to take care of themselves, we know that the skin on the face is very delicate and that the skin around the eyes tends to wrinkle, stain and lose luminosity over the years, which is why we have arranged our product line for anyone who wants to look radiant and rejuvenated.

On this Father's Day you can show off and give Dad something original, that serves for his personal care, breaks the paradigms and invites that special Father to be part of a new generation of men who care about their personal care and pay much attention This, for this we leave you some coordinates that can help you.

Remember that when you buy online you should consider the delivery times, the type of currency, the payment method and make sure of the quality of the products you buy by reviewing recommendations.

Some information to give away

  1. Bright Glance Kit 1, 2 and 3. Specially designed for the care of the skin around the eyes. Start looking as your truly deserve! Become radiant and confident thanks to our exclusive line of products! With this step by step Kit especially designed by Dra Parpados, your face will feel and look renewed, fresh and firm. Now your can be able to clean, remove impurities and tone up while you reduce puffiness, dark circles and the signs of aging in 3 simple steps! Buy it here. 
  2. To help reduce dark circles, in addition to using Kit 1, 2, 3 Bright Glance can be supported with this activated carbon mask. 
  3. NIVEA MEN line, this line is created specifically for men who want to take care of themselves. Many feminine care products are not suitable and even have a counterproductive effect for masculine care. You can get them here.
  4. At Neutrogena you can get the #1 line for men's skin care and you can buy on their own website.
  5. To shave and care for your skin we recommend this. 
  6. Or if you are looking for something even more professional but for home use you can choose this other model.
  7. For After Shave Care, see this.
  8. Special soap for men, with masculine fragrance and special components for men's skin here. 
  9. This carry case for skin care products can complement and make the perfect gift. 
  10. And for those who prefer natural products we propose this set. 

Do not miss out on buying the special gift for dad and to enjoy with the family.