The passage of time and its effects on your face

time and its effects on your face

There are many determining factors during the passage of time for your face to undergo changes that are often dramatic, at Bright Glance we want to provide tools so that, despite the years, your face looks soft, shiny and less affected. Remember that we are specialists in the care of facial skin and in particular the skin around your eyes.

The loss of some nutrients begin to be observed over the years, especially when over 45 years of age, the skin begins to feel thinner, lose elasticity and firmness and of course wrinkles begin to appear more strongly around the eyes.

Other signs are the dryness or appearance of oily skin at night, it is important that you detect these changes and assume some new routines to control them.

Taking care of your skin is decisive to look the way you want, since the evidence of the years cannot be erased just by washing your face with soap and water and applying a basic moisturizer, although that works for 26 years, the mature age is not the same.

Age and hormonal processes

It is well known that women when they reach a certain age undergo a hormone process called menopause, which in many cases, completely changes the characteristics that you knew as "normal" in your skin, and seeing that it begins to change not knowing what do.

The first thing is to recognize that the changes are taking place, assume with responsibility and control the hormonal issue and get to know your new skin, in order to take the corresponding actions.

In addition, you must take the supplements that are necessary to stay strong and consume the vitamins that are naturally necessary, incorporate a good exercise routine if you have not already done so, drink more than 8 glasses of water a day and maintain a balanced diet. But this is not enough, at Bright Glance we have the line of skin care products, created by Dr. Noemi Lairet, Dra. Parpados.

Kit 1, 2, 3 Bright Glance to improve the appearance of your skin

The Kit has been created in order to make you feel renewed, fresh and firm. Now you can cleanse, remove impurities, and tone while reducing puffiness, dark circles, and signs of aging in 3 easy steps!

The benefits are really impressive, because your skin will be deeply cleaned without affecting if it is hydrated or if it looks dry, with Gentle Touch micellar water. At the same time, by applying the Ultra Bright Under Eye cream you will be working to eliminate dark circles and bags around the eyes, as well as recovering firmness. And if what worries you most about annoying wrinkles, close your day with Smart Bright, a powerful wrinkle reducer.

How to apply?

  1. Apply GENTLE TOUCH on a cotton pad and wipe through out your face to remove all make up or impurities and tone your skin.
  2. Having a clean face, apply ULTRA BRIGHT UNDER EYE on the area under the eyelid, with your finger make delicate circular movements.
  3. Finally, apply SMART BRIGHT to the crow's-feet area, it will give you a tightening effect and leave your skin soft and silky.