How do we rejuvenate the look at home?

Lymphatic drainage

It is easier than we think, being at home, in moments of confinement or social distancing, it is also possible to work on the brightness of your gaze, we spoke with Marielsy Pimentel, director of ISKA Esthetique Cambrils, on instagram: @iskacambrils

Who left us several tips to rejuvenate the face without leaving.

Lymphatic drainage on the face

Lymphatic drainage in the face is a manual technique that consists of making very slow and gentle pumping movements and pressure in specific areas to direct liquids, molecules and toxins to the deep neck nodes that then drain to the thoracic area. It serves to deflate and eliminate toxins, which makes this treatment one of long-lasting results.

"The best way to do this is to move the liquids from the right side of the face to the right and those from the left side to the left," says Marielsy in the live performed with Dr. Parpados.

Using Jade stones and ice cubes

Jade stones are an enriching element for performing lymphatic drainage on the face, they also extract negative energy and transmit tranquility due to their cold temperature applied to the face.

You can make ice cubes with rose water or rose petals and apply it at the end of the lymphatic drainage, doing it at night will help you sleep easier at night and your face will definitely recover elasticity and freshness.

Wear Eye Contour

From Bright Glance as specialists, Dr. Parpados has formulated the Smart Bright eye contour cream, the most popular cream in the Brightglance line, ideal for preventing or improving sagging eyelids and the appearance of wrinkles. Contains the right combination of three peptides, argireline, trylagen, and epidermosil (award-winning anti-aging products), to create the perfect synergy to reduce the signs of aging.

You can use Smart Bright for lymphatic drainage, in this way you will be cleaning your face and also applying a product that reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin around your eyes.

Step by step live

We recommend you visit our account on Instagram @brightglance so that you know the step by step of the facial lymphatic drainage in detail. We invite you to see our live and there you will be able to observe first-hand all the technique to apply, remember the benefits are great because you eliminate toxins and You help improve the elasticity and shine of your face.

See the live now: