Dra. Párpados helps you to remove warts in the eyes

warts in the eyes

We know that your quality of life is important and that it goes through the need and the desire to look good, from a certain age our appearance begins to be a concern, not only for looking young and attractive but also for looking healthy. Those warts that usually appear on the skin around the eyelids worry us, we understand that you do not want to see them on your face and for them we will guide you.

Warts do not represent a danger to the eye, it will not affect your vision at all, however your self-esteem may be affected and although it may not seem important, the perception that others may have of you is also affected, since with warts you will see yourself older and you will give the impression of not paying special attention to your health.

They are caused by a viral load in your body, in any case you should go to the doctor to check which virus in particular is causing harm to your body and producing these annoying small, fleshy balls around your eyes.

It is possible to eliminate them, but before I will tell you what they are

Warts are scientifically named as intraepidermal nevi, these are benign lesions that can usually be treated with a Co2 laser, they do not leave scars and it does not hurt to remove them, since local anesthetic cream is used, the result you see immediately.

Despite its origin, warts are benign and, as we mentioned before, they can be removed in one session with a Co2 laser beam.

Avoid homemade cosmetic recommendations, remember that putting yourself in the hands of a professional will be the guarantee of receiving the change you are really looking for and the health you need so much.

On our website you can take the online test to find out if laser intervention is necessary, here is the link.

You will not only find the test for warts, but also for Xanthelasma, Syringomas and others, all of them can be eliminated with treatment applied by Dr. Párpados, a specialist in facial and eyelid rejuvenation.

Special care of the eye contour

Once these treatments have been applied, you should concentrate on special skin care around your eyes, as we have already said, for aesthetics, but also for your health. You can reduce the presence of black bags around your eyes with the Ultra Bright Under Eye cream. Helps stop or reduce the formation of dark circles and eye bags. It causes a decongestant effect to prevent the formation of edema, avoiding the loss of elasticity and the formation of eye bags. Maximum concentration for faster results. You can get it on our website.

In addition to this you can also incorporate the most popular cream, the Smart Bright wrinkle reducer ideal to prevent or improve sagging eyelids and the appearance of wrinkles. Containing the correct combination of three peptides, argireline, trylagen, and epidermosil (award-winning anti-aging products), to create the perfect synergy to reduce the signs of aging. Buy it in our Online store.