Why do wrinkles come out and what to do to reduce them?

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Wrinkles are usually a cause of discomfort and malaise in many people. This has been recurring throughout all the years of experience in my office. That is why today I want to share why wrinkles come out and what we can do to mitigate them.

But it must be said first, that wrinkles are one of the signs that can age us the most. In fact, some surveys reveal that it is the age sign that most "annoys" women, and 80% would like to make them disappear.

The age marks that we observe most frequently are: those of the eyebrows in people who unconsciously contract the area, those of the upper lip in smokers, and the subtle “crow's feet” if you laugh frequently. Of course, it's not bad to laugh often!

Before 40 the expression lines are thin. But without the necessary care they end up breaking the fibers of the dermis and become the dreaded and hated wrinkles.

Why do wrinkles come out? These are the factors of its cause

From the age of 45, and especially since menopause, a series of functions on the skin that favor the appearance of wrinkles are slowed down:

  • Collagen decreases due to estrogen decrease. Consequently, the skin thins, loses elasticity and firmness and reduces the ability to retain water inside. So it dehydrates easily.
  • The complexion looks dull and diminished. This occurs because the passage of nutrients from the dermis - the deepest layer of the skin - to the epidermis (the superficial one) does not occur in the correct way.
  • It also dries out. This happens because the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases. However, oily skin also needs special care to prevent aging.

If you have not taken care of your skin, the expression lines are marked more

In addition to the intrinsic factors of the passage of time. There are other reasons that can cause the 30-year-old expression lines to become wrinkles at 40 years:

  • If you have abused the sun or UVA cabins. The radiation destroys the collagen and elastin fibers and damages the cells that make them, the fibroblasts.
  • Your genes count. Dark skins tolerate the sun better (and wrinkle less) than light skins.
  • If you have not had a daily hydration ritual. If the skin is sensitive or dehydrated, it is more vulnerable to the effects of the sun, pollution etc.
  • If in addition to dry you have thin skin, you are a double candidate to have wrinkles.

What can we do after 45?

Expression lines or first wrinkles may decrease if you use proper creams consistently. Thus…

  • Choose a day cream with a richer texture, to compensate for the lower lipid secretion due to age. The best thing is that the creams include substances that reinforce the skin barrier (ceramides, fatty acids ...).
  • Take care of the most delicate areas, such as the contour of the eyes and lips, with specific products. Also the neck and neckline need extra care.
  • Apply your wrinkle cream every night. The most effective anti-wrinkle assets are hyaluronic acid and vitamin A or retinol. On the other hand, glycolic acid creams and chemical peels promote cell renewal and blur wrinkles.
  • Avoid products with alcohol (tonics, gels ...) because they dry the skin and favor wrinkles.

How to soften wrinkles that have already formed

It is normal that as we age the skin is wrinkled because the dermis makes fewer elastic fibers. In addition, the hormonal changes that occur after menopause cause the skin to become thinner, dry and flaccid.

At this stage of life, changes in your dermis can become very evident if you do not worry about following a beauty routine that controls and reduces them. This should not be a burden, but, quite the contrary, it is a pleasant moment that reports satisfactions:

  1. In the morning, use an anti-aging cream. They are more complete than wrinkles because they also fight other signs of aging such as spots, dryness and sagging. Occasionally, they include a small proportion of tensile substances such as wheat proteins.
  2. Wash with fresh water. The cold contracts the skin and tissues and reactivates blood circulation, so your face will look smoother and lush if you wash it every morning with fresh water. You will see how slowly you get used to it.
  3. Choose makeup “lifting effect”. They are ideal for mature skin because they help define the face. In addition, they reduce wrinkles, and current textures achieve an increasingly natural finish.
  4. Every night, apply a firming cream. Make sure that, in addition to retinol and antioxidants, it contains anti-glycation ingredients (silanol, carnosine) that prevent stiffness and destruction of collagen; calcium, which gives solidity to the structure of the skin; Phytohormones (soy, iris) and active ingredients such as royal jelly, rich in vitamins and minerals. When applying, make ascending passes from the chin to the ears and from the jaws to the neck until it is absorbed.
  5. Once a week, put on a facial moisturizing mask. Reduces the deepest wrinkles and leaves the skin more flexible.

Some final anti wrinkle recommendations

Cosmetics are essential when it comes to gaining firmness in the face, neck and décolleté, but it is not everything. There are a number of habits that will also help you achieve it.

Take note:

  • Maintain a good body posture and walk with your head straight and your back straight.
  • Follow a balanced diet. And if you have to lose weight, run away from miracle diets because when you lose weight so quickly the skin does not retract and is off the hook.
  • Sleep on your back and with a low pillow and avoid reading on the bed resting on the pillow or sleeping on your stomach often.
  • Avoid tobacco because it slows the formation of collagen and hinders the oxygenation of cells. If you still smoke, you have another reason to quit.
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