Know the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

benefits of hyaluronic acid

As a specialist in skin care and specifically in the eye contour I recommend the use of Hyaluronic Acid, I also want to tell you in this post why I recommend it and what benefits it has for your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is found naturally in many tissues and organs of the human body: epidermis, connective tissue, cartilage, synovial fluid, eyes, among others, is known as the substance of youth that over time It decreases its production naturally and must be artificially incorporated into the skin.

This substance mainly fulfills the function of keeping the skin young and wrinkle-free, it is a great ally for skin care, especially for eye contour care where those wrinkles known as crow's feet are located. Applying Hyaluronic Acid in that area of ​​the face will reduce wrinkles.

What does Hyaluronic Acid do on your skin?

The first thing it does is replenish the natural moisture of the skin, especially in the area around your eyes, the eyelids and the lower part of them, which will make you look more fresh and dark circles. A gram of this substance can contain up to 6 liters of water, which establishes a balance and does not force you to constantly apply fluids to the skin so that it looks beautiful and healthy. It has the ability to retain and attract 1000 times its weight in moisture. This makes it the quintessential moisturizer.

Revitalizes the outer surface layers of the skin so that they look and feel softer, smoother and hydrated which immediately improves the appearance of wrinkles.

It also helps in the generation of collagen, which returns the elasticity to your skin.

Smart Bright and its Hyaluronic Acid component

Our Smart Bright cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, starting from the fact that it is an anti-wrinkle cream and that with it we seek to significantly reduce the signs of the passage of time on your face.

Smart Bright is rich in peptides, vegan proteins, natural extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and vegan moisturizers. It contains ingredients that nourish the skin such as vitamin E, the well-known anti-aging vitamin, as it helps improve the immune system and prevents cell degeneration. It is formulated by Dr. Eyelids, specialist in facial and eyelid rejuvenation. The most popular cream of the Brightglance line, ideal to prevent or improve flaccid eyelids and the appearance of wrinkles.

Foods that contain Hyaluronic Acid

You can also incorporate it into your diet and thus complement the work of the substance in your body, especially in your skin. Lamb, veal, turkey or duck meats are rich in this acid. All tubers are basic because they activate their production. On the other hand some fruits contain more quantity, such as bananas, melon, pear, orange, grape or pineapple.

It also includes common species such as parsley and coriander to your salads, these help maintain moisture in your skin, and fish with Omega - 3. All these nutritional recommendations help in the best perception of the Acid and consequently to have a hydrated skin without wrinkles.

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