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most read 2019

2019 remained in the past but left us many lessons and lessons, especially for the care of ourselves, our health and fulfill the desire to finally see ourselves as we feel, bright and fresh.

Reviewing our post we found the most read, the ones that you liked most, our audience, that's why we wanted to review them and share them again so that they could enjoy this enriched content that adds value to their life and feel good.

Dark circles why do they come out? And what can we do to mitigate them? 

It was one of the first issues shared, we remember that dark circles are those bags around the eyes that seem unsightly - inflammation - or dark circles - darkening of the skin - and show us tired or even sick. But not always or not only happens when we get up. These skin disorders may appear for different reasons. Although they should not be cause for alarm or excessive concern, since in general they have a remedy and do not represent any danger.

There are different solutions according to the specific problem that arises:

  • Special depigmenting creams for delicate skin in the case of dark circles.
  • Vitamin K rich contours for violet or vascular dark circles.
  • 'Peeling' or laser treatments to depigment dark circles.
  • Oxygenation treatments for purple dark circles, such as carboxytherapy (subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide) to improve capillary blood flow.
  • Injected hyaluronic acid to fill very marked grooves.
  • Surgery: for the bags an intervention called blepharoplasty is usually performed, with which the accumulated fat and excess skin is removed. It is not always possible to reduce the bulge completely. Drainage products can also be used in the case of fluid retention.
  • And of course from BrightGlance, we propose our product called UltraBright, specially designed by Dr. Noemí Lairet (Dra. Párpados) to prevent and treat the appearance of dark circles and bags in the eyes.

To read it full:

Sunglasses, more than an accessory

In our list designed by yourselves we also find the most read Celebrities and their sunglasses! Part 1, an article that shows celebrities as people who, like you, need to pay special attention to their face and specifically their eyes. Personalities like ELTON JHON famous British singer, who is said to request an extra room on his tours exclusively for his glasses, we already know that they are a characteristic element of his personality.

Likewise, we always observe JHONNY DEEP wearing sunglasses and it is for a health issue, DEPP suffers from vision problems in his left eye and to protect himself we always see him behind the glasses.

The recognized BONUS recommends the use of glasses once or twice a day, or those that are necessary to protect the eyes, and so many more. To reread this post just look for the article on the blog, we leave the link:

The passage of time and its signs on our face

Women and men care about their physical appearance, we know that the passage of time leaves signs but we always wonder why wrinkles come out and what to do to reduce them?, during 2019 we are dedicated to explain a little about this issue and leave some valuable tips that will help you understand what is happening on your face and reduce with some activities those wrinkles that you no longer want to see. If you want a cream that helps reduce wrinkles, I recommend Smart Bright, not only smart but also helps prevent aging, especially the appearance of wrinkles. Its two main components are the best of 2018. To read the full article, I leave the link:

High quality BrightGlance products

We talked about the components of our products and the most read was Argireline: the best cosmetic component of 2018, definitely an important breakthrough in dermatology, but WHAT IS ARGYRELINE? Argireline is a hexapeptide developed by molecular engineering that has revolutionized the world of current cosmetics. Since it has been specifically designed to combat wrinkles and expression lines, it has significant and proven efficacy against wrinkle formation. Argireline is a great cosmetic component, in fact, it is one of the components of our Dr. Bárpados SmartBright that, together with Trylagen, makes it one of our most valued and sought after products. If you want to try these products and read more about the topic we leave you the link:

Guarantees successful aesthetic procedures 

Aesthetic procedures are increasingly frequent, men and women assume the decision to want to look better because they feel ready for change and to see themselves as they wish, on many occasions they also do it for health, another of our valuable contents that They had greater acceptance was 3 tips to maintain the results after an aesthetic procedure.

Any aesthetic procedure is an investment. Literally speaking, if you perform a blepharoplasty, for example, you are investing money in your health and appearance. It is also an investment of time and energy, and you will surely want to make sure your efforts are worthwhile. Visit the article again and if you have not already done so we leave you the coordinates to do it:  

Protection for your look

To close, but not least, our readers called the post What is UV400 protection? All you really need to know is really important, the care of the eyes goes beyond taking care of the light or dust, many times we do not focus enough, in BrightGlance we strive as specialists to take the necessary measures for the take care of your vision and the physical aspect of it.

We always hear about UV400 protection. But ... do we really know what it is? At present, we are likely to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, and this carries certain risks that we can avoid. Doing outdoor activities is good, but it is advisable to take certain precautions. This means that, just as we protect our skin, we must be very careful with the eyes. To read the full post click:

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