The benefits of Ultrasonic Peeling in the care of your skin

Ultrasonic Peeling

Ultrasonic peeling has meant a revolution in facial care. This treatment is very effective for exfoliating the corneal layer of the face but without the common consequences of the use of chemicals.

With the ultrasonic peeling we managed to clean the complexion in depth, unclog pores, eliminate comedones and reduce a variety of imperfections, resulting in a lighter, healthier skin with a more even tone.

What is ultrasonic peeling?

It is a technique that, like all exfoliation, is based on the removal of dead cells and residues on the surface of our skin. In this case it is done by mechanical vibration emitted by a surgical steel spatula, which is kept in direct contact with the tissue.

This vibration is generated thanks to the emission of a high frequency alternating current of more than 20,000 Hz that is not perceived by the human ear.

The sound waves of the ultrasound, peel and promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin by promoting the functioning of fibroblasts, which in turn improve oxygenation and nutrition of tissues.

The advantages

In addition to allowing deep cleansing and regeneration of the skin, eliminating acne scars, skin spots, dead cells or dirt, this technique allows the skin to recover its elasticity, firmness and flexibility due to its triple exfoliation, extraction and stimulation action. collagen

It also produces a facial rejuvenation thanks to better oxygenation, attenuating the lines and improving slight wrinkles. On the other hand it is ideal for better cosmetic penetration since it prepares pores and opens them.

Finally, it is noteworthy that Ultrasonic Peeling is a treatment that can be done in a short time. Taking about an hour and a half, on all skin types, it is painless and does not cause inflammation or redness. Although it is very efficient and offers immediate results, its use is not recommended for people with recent wounds, skin infections or pregnant people.

In general, it is an especially beneficial technique for people with very marked and appreciable imperfections such as acne that need a deep cleansing in the most superficial layers of their skin.

Of course, if you practice it you should know that the days after treatment you should protect your skin from the sun and use moisturizers, since the skin tends to dry more easily. That is why we recommend our Ultra Bright cream, ideal to use before and after a facial care treatment, which will help you prolong the results.