Rejuvenate your glance eliminating those dreadful “BAGS”

Bags rejuvenate your glance

Those super antipathetic bags we don’t want are nothing more than an accumulation of fat around the eyes. Its main cause is age, where the orbital muscle loses elasticity and when it loses it stops acting as a retaining wall for the bag and it comes out, and makes the look very tired.

The bags are not only for the elderly, we can see young people who, thanks to the hereditary component or their eye shape, tend to have them earlier than older people.

If we have any condition, such as flaccidity, we can combat it either with laser Co2, which give you security without having eye problem, which will give us that tightening effect that will improve the slight flaccidity and wrinkles. We can combine this procedure with botulinum toxin or better known as Botox, PDO threads, hyaluronic acid, enzymes, ultherapy… We have a range of aesthetic treatments which our specialist can tell us which is ideal for each case.

Bags and dark circles are not the same, many people confuse these definitions. The bags are practically that bulge that protrudes, the dark circles are the dark pigmentations in the lower eyelid.

What to do when there is the bag?

Depending on the grade, we can attack: If it is a bag that is insinuated and very small with a groove not very pronounced, we can make aesthetic treatments such as hyaluronic acid.

When flaccidity is already important where there is already a look that really falls like a curtain and the eyelid falls because the bag makes a mechanical effect or we have bags under the eyes very exaggerated and protruding that make us look very tired, for this case unfortunately there is no cream that is worth, we must resort to surgical procedures, such as laser blepharoplasty, which is nothing more than the removal of excess skin or fat that allows us to cut and coagulate and at the same time mold. The advantage of this procedure is that it completely rejuvenates our gaze, without bleeding, less purple, without cutting skin, with a really fast recovery.

How to prevent bags?


Drink a lot of water: Another factor why the bags stand out is because we are not well hydrated or because of excessive consumption of salt. If we drink a lot of water every day, this will help us to prevent and reduce them.

Creams: The creams have an effect depending on the asset, they help to reinforce the brake wall. There are peptides and draining agents in our creams that will allow us to improve the containment of the wall. The idea is not only prevention, but once you have been operated on, maintain the effects of surgery over time, as the aging process continues.

Of course there are other factors such as not sleeping well, the use of cigarettes, allergy processes, the latter is very important because these conditions cause the tissues to fill with water and there are changes in the elasticity of the skin, favoring the exit of fat and therefore the “Bags”.

So my dear friends, to have a bright and glamorous look, the key is prevention, cleaning, toning and specific creams for this area and if you already have it, then I invite you to perform a Laser Blepharoplasty, because we all want a BEAUTIFUL LOOK.