Get a new look and a new face with Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch

Micellar water is a cleansing water formulated from micelles. This component works as an emulsifier allowing the dissolution of insoluble compounds and therefore, the micellar water acts as an “all in one” that also cleans, tonify and hydrates, having the great power to attract dirt, grease, dead cells and makeup of our face, leaving it fresher and more radiant.

I present Gentle Touch, an exclusive product of Bright Glance by Dra Parpados

This product help you to reduce the volume of products in your makeup case, since it can be used, for its various benefits, one of the most important is that it was designed for the area of the eyelids and eye contour, which an area so sensitive and allergic, which makes it very tolerable with safe application in this area, on the other hand, Gentle Touch is an “all-in-one” because it removes make-up, tones and refreshes your look and your face, delays the appearance of wrinkles and most importantly, keeps your skin hydrated by performing a deep cleansing that will give you a unique feeling of freshness.

Gentle Touch is designed for all skin types, its formula is specially made to treat all skin types, nourishing, and giving each person that feeling of having a look and a new face.

When to use Gentle Touch?

I recommend that you use it twice a day, in the morning to tone and moisturize the eyelids and face and at night, before going to sleep to remove make-up and leave your eyelids and face with a silky and shiny appearance, ready for the next day.

How to apply?

The ideal shape is to soak a cotton disk with the product and place it on the face, making circular movements, repeating until you feel that sensation of freshness. With these small circular movements and light touches, the micelle is activated and will capture the dirt and makeup that we want to remove. 

I recommend not dragging cotton along the face, especially in the eyelid area, as this movement dirt or makeup is dragged but not completely removed.

In the case of eyelids use a cotton wool soaked from the inside out to start with the upper eyelids, then the lower followed by eyelashes and eyebrows.

The most important thing is that it is not necessary to rinse it with water, so it is much better to Clean carefully and let it breathe, giving the dermis time to absorb the product at its own pace and benefit from its hydration.