Micellar water: benefits and properties for skin care

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Micellar water is a word that is at the top of current cosmetics. Sure you heard it before, it looks like common water, however it has many benefits for cleaning your skin. As a cleanser it is super soft and that does not rinse !, it is the best friend of the beauty of your skin, since it raises impurities and makeup without removing the layer of protective oiliness that our skin possesses.

Science is behind micellar water. As an advanced cleanser, it contains small particles called “micelles,” these small and clever cleaning bubbles actively attract makeup and impurities — as if it were a magnet. They trap and dissolve dirt, oiliness and makeup, lifting them from the skin (with a soft cotton disc embedded), without disturbing the skin's natural lipid barrier.

To apply the micellar water you will only need to impregnate it with cotton and gently pass it on the skin, without the need to press or rinse. Your skin will look better if you apply the micellar water twice a day: once in the morning to clean the face and once in the evening to remove makeup.

Benefits and properties of micellar water

  1. An intelligent and powerful make-up remover
    Micellar water has become in recent years one of the most popular makeup removers. Its components will help you get rid of makeup in a simple way without damaging your face. Forget about alcohol-based cosmetics that dry the skin and take advantage of the benefits of micellar water.

  2. Deep cleaning
    The main benefit of micellar water is that of cleansing the face. Not only as a make-up remover, washing your face with micellar water every day will improve your appearance by removing dead cells and improving the effectiveness of any cosmetic treatment you will use later.

  3. Does not irritate the skin
    Jean-Noël Thorel, founder of Bioderma, created micellar solutions for skin cleansing in hospital burn units. That is why another of the most important benefits of micellar water is that it does not damage the skin, ideal for all those people who have sensitive or atopic skin.

  4. Tones the skin
    In addition to its multiple benefits as a cleanser, micellar water also helps strengthen the skin of the torso. The micelles, properties of this tonic, act as magnets that balance the skin's pH, toning it almost immediately.

  5. A refreshing tonic
    Micellar water, thanks to its non-irritating benefits, can be used at any time of the day as many times as you need. That is why micellar water has become a star product that helps refresh the face and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

  6. Delays the appearance of wrinkles
    This micellar water benefit is the sum of many of the above. By keeping the skin free of impurities, toned and, above all, hydrated, the small wrinkles that bother you so much will take longer to leave. Of course, as long as micellar water is used constantly.

  7. No need to rinse
    Micellar water can boast of being one of the few complete cosmetics that do not leave the skin feeling oily. In addition, another of the benefits of micellar water is that it does not need to be clarified, so removing your makeup or cleaning your face will be much faster.

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