I’ll teach you how to fight dark circles quickly and effectively!

dark circles

What are dark circles?

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and also the thinnest in the whole face, so that the bluish colours of the blood vessels under the lower eyelid are more easily transparent, this is what we commonly known as dark circles.

Dark circles are those remarkable dark shadows that we see under the eyes, alterations in the coloration of the skin of the lower eyelid. There are many factors that can cause them, ranging from hereditary, to circulation problems that makes the blood vessels dilate and are visible, although many times we can also associate them to lack of sleep and stress.

These are my home methods to help you reduce and improve dark circles:

To improve the vascular component, we can use cold compresses, or a glove with ice cubes for 10 minutes, without leaving them too long as we can burn the skin and mistreat it.

Chamomile or green tea infusion: submerge a few tea bags in warm water and let it rest for a while, then put wet cotton balls in the infusion in your eyes, apply for at least a week to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Cucumber also has excellent astringent and refreshing properties that work wonders to treat dark circles, apply for 20 minutes, remove and wash the area with cold water.

To depigment the area a little we can make a mask mixing cucumber, aloe vera and cold yogurt, apply the mask on the lower eyelid for 20 minutes and then remove, this helps us make a hydration in the area.

Citrus always allow us to depigment the area, but we must use them very carefully, always taking great care without introducing the citrus in the intraocular area, avoiding this we can apply a mask drops of lemon, mandarin or orange mixed with yogurt very cold for a period of 10-15 minutes.