Eliminate those hostile “crow’s feet” with Smart Bright

Eliminate those hostile crow’s feet

The “crow’s feet” are those wrinkles around our super antipathetic eyelid, which age our eyes and face. Aging is not the only factor that makes these terrible wrinkles appear. One of the main causes is due to vision problems, and that is why they are formed from an early age, since every time we force sight the muscles that are under the eyelid contract and with the passage of time the skin around the eye weakens and it is when these tedious wrinkles appear.

The sun rays are also a weight factor that make the appearance of wrinkles accelerate, as UV rays produce a thinning of the skin, which is why it is so important to apply sunscreen every morning on your face before going out to your daily activities.

There are several medical methods that help prevent and attack these wrinkles, for example, injections of botulinum toxin, which acts as a muscle relaxant, attenuating movements and decreasing the force of the gesture to wrinkle the contour of the eye, the important thing is that at no time changes the expression line.

Smart Bright, a product exclusive to Bright Glance by Dra Parpados

Combat and eliminate the annoying “crow’s feet” and age signs once and for all with Smart Bright, which was created with the best ingredients that are suitable for every skin type. Moisturize, energize, refresh and illuminate your gaze with this exclusive cream.

Smart Bright does not clog pores and is quickly absorbed, it is non-greasy and is created to regenerate cells on the skin’s surface, eliminating wrinkles, expression lines, providing firmness and toning, giving you a new look and a new way of seeing.


When use Smart Bright?

How to apply?I recommend using it once or twice a day depending on your face. Apply it at night before going to sleep, after all the cleansing and makeup removal process will make the area this act to apply the cream and will give you a silky, soft and shiny appearance that will gradually give you a new look.

  • Put the cream on your ring finger.
  • Apply all around the eye, smoothing upwards over the “crow’s feet”.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other eye.
If you want to look fresh, with a renewed look and face, look good, but also feel good, I recommend using Smart Bright from Bright Glance by Dra Párpados, is a product specially designed for you, because you deserve to look more beautiful and fresh skin.