4 Christmas gift ideas that take care of your eyes

Eyecare Gifts Ideas

Christmas is almost here, and you are likely to feel the pressure to go out and buy gifts for your friends and family without having a very clear idea of what to give them. That is stressful!

From BrightGlance we propose you to do something different this Christmas. Don't be that person who gives the same old and boring gifts every year. This time, give a better view!

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that will literally change the way your loved one sees the world.

1. Better frames

If you have a pair of glasses that fit you well and remind you how good you look every time you look in the mirror, you know that the right frames make a big difference.

But, if someone avoids wearing glasses because they don't like what their frames look like, it could be causing more damage to their visual health!

That's why you can give an amazing gift this Christmas, giving away a new mount. By giving someone the opportunity to customize and adjust a new and fashionable frame, they will improve their vision and have a new look. In BrightGlance with the purchase of our KIT we are giving out lenses with cutting-edge frames, do not miss this opportunity here.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be an excellent fashion statement, but they are also super important to keep your eyes safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

UV light is a form of radiation that can alter cells, a cumulative effect that causes more damage over time. Increased exposure to UV rays can increase the risk of developing diseases such as cataracts, macular generation or even eye and eyelid cancer.

Therefore, if you are looking to give a gift that promises better eye health (and could even help save a life!), Look for a pair of sunglasses that not only match the recipient's personality and fit your face, but also block 100 percent of UV rays. Here you can find some spectacular models.

3. Cream to avoid dark circles

Has it happened to you that when you get up and look in the mirror you see swelling and a dark color on the skin under your eyes?

They are the unsightly bags — inflammation — or dark circles — darkening of the skin — that appear tired or even sick. But not always or not only happens when we get up. These skin disorders may appear for different reasons. Although you should not feel alarm or excessive worry, since in general they have remedy and do not represent any danger.

Give your loved one a cream that helps prevent and combat the eyelid drooping with certainty that it will be a much appreciated gift. We recommend Ultra Bright, take a look here.

4. A Healthy Christmas dinner

Perhaps you are one of those people who does not give so much importance to gifts, but to the reunion with the family during the Christmas dinner. Did you know that part of that meal could be working wonders for your eyesight?

Yes, turkey for example is full of mineral zinc. Zinc is excellent for the eyes because it helps antioxidants reduce the amount of free radicals in your body and increases the absorption of vitamin A.

As an accompaniment, make sure you have many healthy vegetables on the plate. Pay special attention to carrots and broccoli, which are full of vitamin A and vitamin E, respectively. Christmas dinner tables often include very healthy legumes and nuts such as peanuts, nuts and almonds, each of which offers excellent eye nutrients and overall health.

By giving these healthy gifts for your eyes, your friends and family can begin to see the world with a better vision next year and prepare for a future of healthy vision, all thanks to you. In BrightGlance we have specially formulated products for eye and skin care. Check it out here.

Merry Christmas, and everyone a bright and rejuvenated sight!